10 Reasons Why We Prefer to Spend Valentine’s Day with our Furbabies,

As Told by Millbrae Pet Hospital.

  1. They send you cards.

    Via instagram.com/hellokty_1


  2. They come with a ton of love and spirit.

    Via instagram.com/adventures.with.biscuit

3. They’re way more entertaining. Note: this kitty was not harmed while making this video.

Via instagram.com/peach_the cat1

4. They willingly give you endless cuddles.

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So many cuddles…

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5. They’ll give you kisses and make sure all of your fur… I mean hair… is purrfect.

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6. They will dress up for you.

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7. They come bearing gifts.

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8. They even fit into a box.

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9. They give you unconditional love.

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10. They’ll want to spend the rest of their lives with you! So the real question is, Why NOT choose your furbaby to spend V-day with?

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