Pet Safety Tips for the Dogs Days of Summer

Summertime in California can be one of the most enjoyable times of year for outdoor fun – and plenty of pet owners are gearing up for recreation with their four-legged friends. Whether your plans include time on the water, hitting the trails, or simply relaxing on the deck, summer can also present some unique challenges for our furriest of friends.

To make this summer with your pet the best one yet, your friends at Millbrae Pet Hospital have a few pet safety tips to keep in mind.

Hot Dog! Heat Related Dangers

Helping your pet stay cool and comfortable is one of the primary objectives of warm weather pet care. Pets are particularly susceptible to heatstroke and heat stress because they do not sweat like we do. Their primary means of staying cool is through panting and staying out of the sun.  Young pets, seniors, those who are ill, and brachycephalic breeds are at greater risk of heatstroke.